LLP “DOSTAR-PV” was founded on March 25, 2003 and works on the basis of state licenses.

  • Construction and installation works (1 category);
  • Exploitation of mining and chemical productions (1st class);
  • Development, production, purchase and sale of explosive and pyrotechnic substances and products with their application.

The main activities of the company: capital mining operations, excavation of vertical workings, construction and installation works. LLP “DOSTAR-PV” is the successor of the Eastern shaft management, the shaft trust named by G.O.Omarova in the East Kazakhstan region, the collective of 393 people for 2/3 is staffed by the employees of the former VSHPU.

Currently, the works are being carried out at the facilities of “Vostoktsvetmet” LLP – in the Irtysh and Orlov mines.